Paying “Homage” to some of the great talent that have performed at Rob’s Bluegrass Barn:

Homage [hom-ij, om-] noun

1. Respect or reverence paid or rendered:

2. A formal expression of praise:

3. Public acknowledgment or admiration for an achievement:



Fastest Grass AliveHickory Hill
The Paul Adkins BandDee Gunter
The Harold Tipton BandAllen Mills and The Lost & Found
LinedrivePatuxent Partners
Leon Morris & the AssociatesThe Rocks Bluegrass Factory Band
BluetrainReno & Harrell
Flavio Sala (Classical Guitarist from Italy)Mike Auldridge
Mike MunfordBluestone
Martin Brothers and Aspen RunDanny Paisley & The Southern Grass
Audie Blaylock and Redline